What Is The Difference Between Soccer And Football

The United States is certainly one case study in which soccer and football do not always refer to the same thing. One of our national past-times is soccer; it is perhaps the most popular sport in the entire world. Soccer has always been popular in the United States, even before the term “professional sport” was used. It has always been a part of American life; it is important for Americans to follow the progress of their favorite sport, soccer.

One of the most popular teams in Major League Soccer, also known as the MLS, is the New York Red Bulls. One of its many notable players is goalkeeper, keeping specialist, and all-around tough guy goalkeeper, David Green. Another player of note, and his surname goes along with the all-time great goalkeeper, Curt Jones, of the Houston Texans. So, what is American football?

The answer to this question is both. As an alternative to the surface field of regular grass, professional players play on artificial turf fields that resemble a football pitch on grass, only it is made out of synthetic material. The artificial turf surface can be adjusted to any degree by adding or removing various items such as vertical posts and plastic goals. Thus, the players are able to adjust to the ball’s inclination and velocity.

soccer field

The soccer field and football field

There are actually many differences between soccer and football field, and perhaps the most common is the playing surface. A good football field normally has a playing surface of at least 60 yards long, divided into ten to twelve-yard areas. A good soccer field is usually much longer than that. One would think that the soccer field and football field must be similar since both require a uniform surface. However, there are slight differences. On the soccer field, players wear shorts, socks, and cleats, while on the football field, players are usually required to wear pants, shorts, and a shirt with white sleeves. Moreover, players on the soccer field do not have to use their hands to catch the ball like those on the football field.

However, it should also be noted that soccer is not played on just one playing field. In fact, there are two. The Olympic Stadium in South Korea and the Livestrong Sporting Park in America are the two sporting venues where soccer is played. The difference between these two sports lies in the fact that soccer is played on a much larger field (at least 130 yards long) than in America. Thus, even if you are the best athlete in the world, you will not be able to play soccer because the field of play is too big. As we have just said, there are two different kinds of soccer fields in America. One is the professional football field which is usually played on artificial turf. This is also commonly known as hard field. Secondly, there are also amateur or recreational soccer fields where the field is made from natural grass. It is also called the soft field. This second type is generally used by recreational or low-level players.

The equipment

However, while there are only a few differences, one cannot deny the fact that these two sports require completely different equipment. If you compare soccer fields with football fields, you will surely find out that soccer is a game that requires more effort. In soccer, players cover a greater distance than in football. Therefore, in order to be victorious, it is imperative for players to sprint a lot.

players playing football

Number of players

As mentioned earlier, the difference between the soccer field vs football field refers to the number of players who can be physically played on each field. On the other hand, when we talk about natural grass, this refers to the actual grass that is used in playing the game. In America, the main source of natural grass is located in nine states: Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Orleans, Arizona, Tennessee, Virginia, and Illinois. Thus, this would imply that natural grass is considerably different from artificial grass.

Soccer is played with eleven players whereas football is played with eleven players. When it comes to the regulation of play in America, there are only three different regulation periods in soccer. The regular season, Super Bowl, and playoffs last for fourteen weeks. Thus, football has fewer seasons than soccer.

The thing both sports have in common is that all of the players have to have a strong team spirit. Since both of them are team sports, all of the players must work together to achieve their goals and win a match.

To sum up

The fact is that these two different sports have many similarities, but there are also some key differences. As we mentioned earlier, soccer is played on natural grass while football is played on artificial turf. This means that soccer requires a lot of training time compared to football. One obvious difference between the two sports is that soccer requires great endurance and stamina, whereas football requires speed. Another similarity between the two sports is that both require intense physical activity. Thus, it is not surprising that both have become the favorite sport for many people all over the world.