Some of the Biggest Scandals in The World of Sports

Sports is what unites the world. Everyone loves watching soccer, regardless of where they come from. Cheering your favourite team is one of the most passionate activities. Some people compare supporting their team with having a life-long love affair that tends to disappoint and satisfy at the same time. Athletes are seen as deities who can’t do any wrong. And when they do, they tend to be forgiven very quickly. Therefore, if you love sports and games, and enjoy reading juicy tabloid coverage of your fave athletes, here are some of the biggest scandals in the world of sports. 

Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs

In 1973, these two tennis greats did the unimaginable: they had a tennis match that proved to the world that men and women are equal and can compete against each other. Billie Jean, then 29, played against 55-year-old Bobby Riggs and won. This wouldn’t be so significant if not for Riggs himself: he constantly taunted female players and offered money to any female player who could win against him. Billie Jean accepted the challenge and the rest is history. 

Billie Jean King vs Bobby Riggs Sport Scandals

Hillsborough disaster 

This tragedy happened in 1989, during the match between Nottingham Forrest and Liverpool, at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. Hundreds of people got crushed as they were unable to leave their pens. As a result, 96 people died, and 766 people suffered injuries. However, many more people were traumatized, which led to a detailed investigation of the incident. This tragic event also resulted in multiple memorials, documentaries, articles, stage adaptations, and nowadays, football matches are more thoroughly controlled, so this situation won’t happen again. 

David Beckham cheats on Victoria 

If there’s one golden couple of sports and entertainment, then that’s David and Victoria Beckham, or Posh and Becks, as they’re known in their native Britain. They’ve been the target of tabloids since the moment they’ve started dating, and this continues until today. In 2004, David had an affair with his assistant, Rebecca Loos while they were living in Spain. This affair brought them so much unwanted media attention, and soon other women came out claiming that David also slept with them. The couple is still together, despite the ongoing rumours of David’s infidelity. Athletes are generally known for their wild behaviour, so aside from extramarital affairs, they also like to use drugs, and play with sex toys for fun, which can also damage their image and the reputation of their respective sports clubs. But, in the end, they all suffer minimal consequences due to their talent and popularity. 

Beckham Sport Scandals

OJ Simpson gets accused of murder

OJ Simpson is a well-known name, not only for sports but also for the crime that he allegedly committed. In 1994, Simpson’s ex-wife and her new partner were found murdered at their home in Los Angeles. The subsequent police pursuit of OJ Simpson was shown live on TV, and it’s definitely one of the most dramatic moments in television history. In the end, Simpson was acquitted of all charges, however, in 2007, he was arrested again for robbery at the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas. 

Lance Armstrong admits to doping 

Lance Armstrong is one of the best known and most successful cyclists in the world. He’s also a 7-time winner of Tour De France. But, in 2012, during the interview with Oprah Winfrey, he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs while he represented the US Postal Pro-Cycling team. As a result, he lost all his sponsorship deals, and he was required to return his 30 million dollars sponsorship check that he received from the US federal government. 

Lance Armstrong Sport Scandals


The world of sports is full of scandals, tragedies and difficult events that should always be prevented by the authorities. Being an elite athlete means that one is, not only likely to make mistakes, but also to get caught and crucified by the media. These scandals teach us that fame is fickle, so if one wants to be a celebrated athlete, it’s important to behave well, so there won’t be any consequence nor scandals in the future.