Must-Have Football Equipment

There are a lot of football equipment items that a true football enthusiast should consider. These are all mandatory to play the game so that they can enjoy it more. A true football enthusiast will be fully satisfied with their collection, as well as with any other football equipment items they may purchase.

Therefore, the following list of things is among the important things to purchase in a football equipment shop.

What Equipment is Needed to Play Football Properly?

Out of all of the other professional sports, football probably has the most intricate protective apparel essentials, such as arm guards, helmets, shin pads, etc. The main reason behind this is rather simple: Football is an incredibly dangerous sport and even unsupervised, amateur players can easily become injured without the proper protective gear.

Knee pad

There are lots of football equipment pieces designed to protect the body during a tackle. One of these is the knee pad, which is generally a firm silicone rubber. The purpose of the pad is to provide a buffer between the body and any striking object, such as a stud or a knock-out brick. This helps to reduce the amount of damage that can be caused to the body during a tackle. Also, knee pads are required by all players, young and old, because even the best-conditioned athletes can get hurt during a game.

The next piece of football gear that every player must have is a pair of knee pads. A good jockstrap will prevent any unwanted injuries, such as torn ligaments or even a broken bone. The jockstrap is the most important part of a player’s protective cup, because if it doesn’t fit well, then it’s useless.

It might seem like they’re not necessary, but too many injuries are caused by simple accidents because players were not wearing the right kind of knee pads. They don’t have to be uncomfortable, either. Good knee pads can absorb shock, but not be completely passive, like cheap plastic kneepads.

guys playing football


The next item in the football equipment list is the helmet. The helmet acts as the brain of the player. Without a good helmet or even one that fits properly, the player can easily be knocked out. The first thing that a newbie football enthusiast should look for when purchasing a helmet is comfort. If it’s not comfortable, then it won’t protect the player well.

Shoulder pads

Next, all football gear must have shock absorption. A good shoulder pad can help with this. Shoulder pads are made of a thick, padded foam material that absorbs shock. This reduces the amount of bruising that the player experiences. Also, a good shoulder pad will help prevent whiplash, which can lead to chronic pain and even permanent disability. The better shoulder pads will have more padding or be made of leather to give the best protection.

Football gear must also have a good built-in shock absorption system. If your helmet shocks too much to the side when you take a hit, then it’s not absorbing shock well enough. Having a neck roll or a chin strap on the back of your head is recommended for this.

All of these pieces of football equipment must be properly protected by pants, shirts, jackets, gloves, chinstrap, helmet, and a throat protector. A chinstrap is used to secure your helmet to your leg. A neck shield is required for obvious reasons since it protects the rest of your body from getting hit. Wearing a helmet is only one safety measure, but it’s always best to make sure your helmet is properly protected.

Neck protection

In addition to knee pads, you also need to protect your neck and train football injury-free. Too many neck injuries are caused simply by a forward rolling injury. Because NFL players move their heads all the time, they develop a habit of trying to make full-shoulder turns instead of just staying in their right posture and keeping their neck loose. A great way to prevent this is to wear a neck roll, which prevents the player from turning his neck and maintaining his balance at the same time.

To sum up

Football is a contact sport, and there are a lot of different pieces of protective gear that players wear. Knee pads and helmets are obviously more important than arm or neckpieces, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore safety gear altogether. If your quarterback is injured, don’t play without his help. Even if you don’t think your teammates need anything special, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember, the quarterback is most susceptible to injuries because he has to throw the ball very quickly and make tons of plays with his feet.