Is It Better To Run In The Morning Or At Night

Running has many benefits for the body that makes it a great way to exercise. However, you need to know the best times to go for a run because it has to be lined up with the body’s functionality if you want to enjoy all the benefits. The running has to be in sync with your heart rhythm, body temperature and hormone levels among other things.

The body temperature is the most important factor because it will influence your blood circulation as well as metabolic rate. Running in the morning has its benefits and disadvantages just like running in the afternoon.

Morning run

One of the advantages of running in the morning is that you get to enjoy some quiet time when the roads are free. You’ll encounter less noise and traffic and will have more fun.

Running shoes

Some of the benefits to the body include burning off more fat. Since going for the morning means you’ll not have had your breakfast yet, you’ll end up burning more calories because there won’t be any carb intake yet. You’ll be able to breath better because of the cool air of the morning. You’ll also be able to bring down systolic pressure and improve your mood.

Evening run

Running in the evening is a lot easier because your body will be more flexible thereby enhancing coordination. You’ll also have more energy to cover more ground and will have a better supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

You’ll be able to build your muscles more effectively and will not be susceptible to injuries. You can read this article about the benefits of evening runs.


Morning Jogging

Apart from the advantages, running in the morning and evening has disadvantages such as more difficulty in the morning because you may have stiff joints and that may make it harder for the different parts of your body to coordinate. On the other hand, the boost in energy may make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. You can still choose a time that suits you best.