Fundraising Money To Support Sport Team

Fundraising money for various activities is a challenging task, especially if you have a long-lasting tradition like Norway does. Dugnad is a popular concept in this country that involves people on all levels, and for a noble cause.

It means to help and support others, and this concept dates back centuries. However, in Norway, dugnad was traditionally a way to finish some big tasks such as haymaking, roofing, or housebuilding. But, in the last couple of decades, this concept has changed a lot, and now people are fundraising money for various purposes, and dugnad idrettslag is one of them.

Let’s find out how Norwegian students are trying to support their local sports teams and how dugnad helps them in this process.

How it’s done in other countries

In other countries, this process is entirely different, and it involves the problem of maintenance and operation of amateur clubs, as well as interest organizations.

Some members gather around to fundraise money for painting or to increase the club’s funds. But, in Norway, things are a bit different. Due to voluntary work, students raise money to take care of the club, and also each other.

On the other hand, when it comes to the organization, the day jobs are top priority, especially when something needs to be done. However, plenty of organizations abroad have to resort to sponsorship deals to fundraise their money, while others pay outside of their pocket, which sometimes doesn’t end well.

Tradition in Norway

Considering Norwegian mentality and philosophy, fundraising activities are done a bit differently here. People are very committed to sports, and they don’t only make sports clubs save money, but also help them increase their budget.

However, we aren’t talking about large sums, just the necessary costs to cover club fees, memberships, and weekly trips. But, to cover some of the expenses like food, snacks, drinks, and at some point, trips, students need to come up with the money which doesn’t come from the club.

Kids running

In that case, a lot of people gather around the same cause, in this case, sports club, to manage some day-to-day tasks or raise funds. For example, there is nothing better than spending some time outside painting a clubhouse, or organizing a locker room, or cleaning the showers.

On the other hand, when it comes to raising money, or dugnad idrettslag, Norwegian students, are very disciplined and goal-oriented. Besides voluntary work, students often sell toilet paper, newspapers, and lighters to get enough money to fund various activities as well as tournaments.

For that reason, when they see students selling this stuff, a lot of people are willing to help, not because it’s part of their tradition, but because they want to see each club thriving.

Additionally, then students gather around the same cause and weld in groups, which gives them an additional boost and sense of ownership over their own club, while they get to spend some quality time having fun with their team members.